Your Free Radiotherapy Guide (2)

Your Tips For Radiotherapy is a brief, comprehensive guide to the side effects you may experience as you go through radiotherapy treatment for cancer.

Key Benefits: 

  • Free of charge, and can be used online or printed out for quick reference
  • Includes expert advice, and tips from radiotherapy patients themselves 
  • Details the most common side effects of radiotherapy and the best ways to address them 
  • Highlights products that can be used to help ease side effects 

We've put together a complete list of tips and advice suggested by radiotherapy patients and experts to make living with the side effects of cancer that little bit easier. In this guide. we cover feeling tired, loss of appetite, skin things, hair loss, nausea, diarrhoea, mouth problems, discomfort when swallowing, stiff joints and muscles, difficulty having sex and flu-like symptoms. We also include the names of recommended products that can help to ease these side effects and symptoms. 

This guide is completely free of charge and will be emailed to you once you've placed your order.

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  • Read online, or print for quick reference. 

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