Your Brain After Chemo by Dan Silverman

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A book about the realities of life after chemotherapy, Your Brain After Chemo addresses the cognitive issues many people experience after cancer treatment. Using a combination of cutting-edge scientific research and the stories of survivors, this book offers solidarity and advice on what happens to the brain during and after chemotherapy.

Key Features:

  • A unique 9-step program to improve memory and focus.
  • Practical tips to reduce fatigue and stress.
  • How to modify your diet to maximise brain health.

The symptoms and changes experienced after finishing chemotherapy are not talked about as often as our experiences during treatment, but that doesn’t mean everyone feels completely normal once they’ve finished treatment. In fact, it is quite common to experience issues with fatigue, memory and focus for an extended period after chemotherapy has ended and ‘normal life’ has begun again.

Your Brain After Chemo acknowledges the challenges faced by cancer survivors, and sets out to offer a practical and accessible plan to learn the coping skills needed to regain focus and move on with your life. Co-Authors Dan Silverman and Idelle Davidson set out an easy-to-follow plan that will encourage you to reconsider the way you think about your brain after chemotherapy, before teaching you strategies and techniques for overcoming the challenges you face and feeling confident in your abilities again.

“Your Brain After Chemo validates the concerns of cancer patients everywhere who have experienced memory and other cognitive effects following chemotherapy… You’ll find support, answers and strategies to help you move through and out of the fog” - Gary W. Small, MD, Author of The Memory Bible.

Written with compassion and intelligence, Your Brain After Chemo is a thoroughly well-research booked aimed directly at improving the wellbeing of cancer survivors. It carefully and sensitive explains the multiple factors affecting your brain during and after treatment before offering techniques and strategies for addressing and overcoming these issues. An essential companion for cancer survivors and their loved ones.

  • Paperback : 304 pages
  • Dimensions : 14.1 x 4.32 x 20.96 cm
  • Publisher : Da Capo Lifelong Books; Reprint Edition (25 May 2010)
  • Language : English


Every professional medical person from Nurse (especially Macmillan) to Consultant Surgeon or Neurologist in the United Kingdom, where research into the subject is sketchy at best, should carefully read this book... This book helped me enormously to understand why my wife first developed Cognitive Dysfunction during and following Adjunct Chemotherapy and then to help battle with the NHS to obtain appropriate but rare facilitated brain scanning (PET/FDG) to determine her developing deterioration, that was eventually diagnosed as Posterior Cortical Atrophy - a rare form of Alzheimer's Disease.

Great book very logical even when brain not focus small bites help highly recommend this.

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