Your Brain After Chemo by Dan Silverman

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With its invaluable strategies and straightforward nine-step program specifically tailored to re-energizing the brain, Your Brain After Chemo gives patients the coping skills to move on.

Key benefits

  • Helps to reduce chemo brain with a nine step programme
  • Explains the science behind cognitive effects of chemo
  • With personal stories from cancer survivors who know what it's like

Chemotherapy saves lives, but studies— have —revealed that the agents used to kill cancer cells may also impair normal brain function. Even years after treatment people have reported problems with memory, concentration, multitasking, and word retrieval.

in Your Brain After Chemo, Dr Dan Silverman, PhD and award-winning health journalist Idelle Davidson combine cutting-edge science and true stories to demonstrate that “"chemo brain” is not a figment of your imagination. 

Every professional medical person from Nurse (especially Macmillan) to Consultant Surgeon or Neurologist in the United Kingdom, where research into the subject is sketchy at best, should carefully read this book... This book helped me enormously to understand why my wife first developed Cognitive Dysfunction during and following Adjunct Chemotherapy and then to help battle with the NHS to obtain appropriate but rare facilitated brain scanning (PET/FDG) to determine her developing deterioration, that was eventually diagnosed as Posterior Cortical Atrophy - a rare form of Alzheimer's Disease.

Great book very logical even when brain not focus small bites help highly recommend this.

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