YES Organic Water-Based Intimate Lubricant 150ml

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Vaginal dryness and atrophy can lead to intimacy issues. Vaginal dryness can be a common side effect of some chemo treatments and radiotherapy to the vaginal area, but it can be left undiscussed if you are not comfortable talking to your doctor. 

The Yes Water-Based Organic Intimate Lubricant - 150ml- has been designed to reduce irritation and dryness. It is Gynaecologist recommended and pH matched; allowing you to continue being intimate without worry.

Key benefits:

  • No smell, no taste, no stickiness
  • pH matched
  • Intensely hydrating

Please be advised to ensure you use contraception and protection whilst on treatment. This lubricant is not a replacement for protection.

YES WB water based personal lubricant is made from organic Aloe Vera, a renowned skin food; from organic Flax extract which is particularly beneficial for the mucous membranes and from three synergistic plant based gums – guar, locust bean and xanthan, all of which contribute to the deep velvety texture. Food grade preservatives are included, and citric acid to buffer the pH.

This lubricant is utterly brilliant. No ingredients that irritate, no smell and it’s easy to use. It is very watery which caught me off guard the first time and a lot came out with little squeezing. Has made everything comfortable during sex again, which I was very nervous about.

The product was recommended by my nurse. Very happy with it’s use and durability.


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