Vanilla Blush Women's Ostomy Hernia Support Vest

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Hernia support vests are an essential accessory for staying comfortable and secure following ostomy surgery. If you have a hernia, or are interested in preventing a parastomal hernia, a hernia vest is the perfect undergarment to keep you supported.

Designed by leading UK ostomy clothing brand Vanilla Blush, these vests are designed to fit discreetly under your clothes, giving you the extra layer of support you need to feel comfortable and secure. 

By spreading gentle pressure and support across the whole abdomen area, vests can help to prevent leakage, increase your comfort and security, and reduce the chance of developing a parastomal hernia. 

Made with breathable, sweat-reducing fabric that won't roll up when stretched, these support vests are easy to wear, and designed to keep you feeling cool and fresh.

  • Support is spread evenly across the abdomen
  • Reduces chance of leaks - without putting pressure directly on the stoma
  • Doesn't roll up under clothes - firm, gentle support
  • Breathable, skin-friendly fabric helps reduce sweating and skin irritation
  • Unisex design - suitable for both men and women, with wide supportive shoulder straps

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