Vanilla Blush Junior Girls Ostomy Underwear (3 Pack)

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Vanilla Blush’s Junior Ostomy Underwear feature an internal pocket that helps to keep the bag away from the skin minimising sweating and skin irritation. The pocket runs from left to right to easily adapt to stoma appliances on either side.

  • Integrated cotton pocket keeps your bag away from your skin, minimising sweating and irritation
  • Contents in the pocket are held in the bag for longer allowing for less frequent trips to the toilet
  • Suitable for Colostomy, Ileostomy, ACE, Urostomy.

Wearing these at night will not prevent you from leaking, however it will contain the leak inside the pocket, which will give you more time to get up and out of bed and avoid soiling bedding.

  • Angle your ostomy bag so that the opening is pointing towards your inner thigh
  • Place the bag inside the internal ostomy pocket
  • Go about your day with your ostomy appliance comfortably and securely fastened

Living with an ostomy

If you're new to living with an ostomy, check out our free guide to Stoma Care.

What are the ostomy briefs made from?

These briefs are made from 100% cotton.


Find out more about the story behind Vanilla Blush in this short video:

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