Ticking Off Breast Cancer

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Author Sara Liyanage wrote this book about juggling life with treatment for primary breast cancer at the age of forty-two. This book follows the physical and emotional impact of breast cancer on her life, and provides practical help by way of checklists at the end of each chapter. 

Am half way through treatment for breast cancer and I wish this book had been out when I started treatment. It’s practical and totally relateable. It’s not scary and overwhelming. It’s written in such a way that although everyone’s treatment is different, you’ll still be able to get advice and comfort from it. I’d also recommend this to family and friends, so you know how to help and support a loved one. A great book.

Heartfelt, eye-opening, honest, raw, friendly, approachable, kind, thoughtful
This book is an essential read for anyone with breast cancer and anyone who knows and cares about someone with breast cancer. It explains what happened to Sara from diagnosis and through treatment. It shows what happened to her - and of course the journey is going to be different to everyone - but there is so much to get your head around upon a diagnosis. What I found amazing was the to do lists and tick lists - particularly around what to take to the hospital with you. So helpful.

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