Theya Peony Front Zip Fastening Medium Support Bamboo Bra

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THEYA Healthcare mastectomy bras have been designed with the input of breast cancer patients, in order to provide the most comfort, support, functionality and healing support.

THEYA Peony Front Zip Fastening/Medium Support Bra at a glance:

  • Easy zip front fastening - no need to twist your arms round to fasten
  • Naturally antibacterial bamboo material supports healthy healing
  • Super soft bamboo fabric won't irritate sensitive skin or wounds
  • Wide, padded shoulder straps - for comfortable support
  • Pockets for breast forms to help create a natural shape
  • Seam and wire free - gentle but substantial medium support for wearing after surgery


THEYA Peony Front Fastening/Medium Support Bra in detail:

Wearing a bra after breast surgery doesn't have to be uncomfortable - in fact, having the right support can help you to heal and feel more 'normal' after a mastectomy, lumpectomy or reconstruction.

THEYA bras are specially designed to provide the gentle, comfortable support you need after breast surgery - and they're even stocked in some hospitals.

Each THEYA bra is made with super soft, hypoallergenic bamboo material. Bamboo is 41% more breathable than cotton, which helps to keep your skin cool and dry - even through hot flushes or sweating you might have as a side effect of treatment. 


Super-soft bamboo THEYA bras are seam, label, and wire free, so your healing skin won't be irritated by the fabric of your bra. The soft shoulder straps provide support without straining or cutting into your shoulder.


Because it's designed for wearing both after surgery and during recovery, the THEYA bra features discreet pockets that can contain breast forms if you wish to wear them. The bra also has removable modesty pads in each cup, which can be worn instead of or with your breast form to give shape and smoothness. 


The THEYA Fleur bra fastens at the back like a normal bra, but the straps can be removed at the front to help you remove it more easily after surgery. It's also cut high under the arm which gives support if you have had lymph node removal, and is suitable for wearing with post-surgical drains if you have them.

70% Viscose derived from Bamboo, 23% Nylon, 6% Elastane, 1% Polyester

  • Machine wash at cool temperature, 30 degrees or less.
  • Do not tumble dry, do not iron, do not bleach, do not dry clean.

Nice fit and quality. It is way more comfortable that the one the hospital put on me. 

A really comfortable bra to wear. I had a reconstruction  post surgery but do not 'match'. This bra provides a good shape under closer fitting clothes so no more oversized jumpers and shirts. 

I discovered Theya quite late in my treatment. I had already had a mastectomy and node clearance, chemotherapy was done and I had just finished a pretty intensive course of radiotherapy, it was safe to say that I felt completely unlike myself, my body felt like somebody elses - and then a lovely person handed me a Theya bra. Anyone who has gone through the treatment process for breast cancer will know very well that there are as many mental adjustments as physical ones along the way. The discomfort of ill-fitting underwear along with those sudden surges of heat that come at the most inopportune moments didn't help the mental process and left me deflated - pun completely intended. The first day I wore a Theya bra I forgot I was wearing it. That is a simple but priceless truth. It was the first time I had actually worn a bra in quite a while because my skin was too sensitive for any bra I had tried on prior to Theya. The fabric is soft and pliable with no seams to aggravate sensitive skin and it is remarkably absorbent, so while I still have the surges of heat they a no longer accompanied by a lather of sweat! It gives good support while also giving you a shape without any diffing in to you skin. I honestly couldn't recommend Theya highly enough. Whether you are currently going through treatment for breast cancer or just looking for underwear that hugs as opposed to strangles -Theya for me is it. 

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