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Many chest surgery procedures, as a result of cancer, require surgical drains, ports, and/or catheters, and patients are routinely instructed not to shower without protecting these areas from water. The reason behind this protocol is that tap water is not sterile and contains pathogens and bacteria.  This paraphernalia can create avenues for water borne-bacteria to enter surgery sites, significantly increasing the chance of water-borne infections.

Surgery patients find not being able to shower presents many challenges when it comes to maintaining hygiene and confidence post surgery. The SHOWER SHIRT® is a post-surgical, water resistant garment designed to protect these chest surgery patients. Designed and created by breast cancer survivor Lisa F. Crites, The SHOWER SHIRT was the result of Lisa’s personal struggle trying to shower in trash bags after her bi-lateral mastectomy. Working with a group of physicians, Lisa created The SHOWER SHIRT which enables patients to shower safely while also reducing the risk of infection caused by water-borne illnesses.   

The SHOWER SHIRT is the only patented shower shirt garment for surgery patients on the international market, and provides unique features to help ensure safety and comfort. The adjustable turtleneck is lined with microfiber and has a drawstring collar so it suits all sizes. Inside the shirt are Velcro® pockets which help to support drains while showering. The shirt is made from water resistant nylon material and machine washable.

Key benefits

  • Post-surgical water resistant garment designed to protect chest surgery patients while you shower.
  • Designed by breast cancer survivor, Lisa F. Crites, and a team of surgeons.
  • Adjustable neck and waist band ensure the garment is secure on all sizes.

The SHOWER SHIRT® received an International Patient Innovation award from Catolica’ University School of Business & Economics, Lisbon, Portugal

Award Criteria: Create a solution to clinical problems dealt with by patients.

This shirt is amazing and so well designed. I had a bilateral mastectomy and was unable to shower until my surgical drains were removed. This shirt was a lifesaver. So easy to put on and kept the covered area completely dry. It made a huge difference to be able to shower, even if it’s just the lower half of my body. Also included great tips for washing one’s hair — bend at the waist and lean your head down under the shower spray! This shirt was way more than I expected to pay, but it was also very well made, high quality, and thoughtfully designed. When you’re recovering from surgery and trying to protect a delicate surgery area, you definitely want and need a quality garment to protect you so you can take a shower and feel somewhat human again.

I just had a double mastectomy and I can't shower for a total of about 3 weeks, and I'm not happy. I found this shower shirt and the price seemed steep compared to the product images, but I can't go 3 weeks without a shower so I pulled the trigger. I'm so glad I did! This isn't just a trash bag, it's really well made and constructed out of nice heavy material. There is a soft lining around the neck and it kept water out completely. I was able to wash my hair and pretty much everything except my surgical area and felt so much better. My one piece of advice is to not take a super hot, long shower. The shirt is water tight and I wanted to hang out in there but could tell I was starting to get a sauna effect and get sweaty.

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