The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook by Dr Clare Shaw

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Packed with delicious recipes from top chefs, and compiled by the consultant dietician at the world-leading Royal Marsden Hospital, this recipe book is the perfect solution if you're trying to eat a balanced diet during or after your cancer treatment.

The book is divided into three sections:

  • A detailed section by Clare Shaw about diet and cancer and the problems you may face during treatment (like loss of appetite, nausea, sore mouth, change of taste)
  • Recipes to cook during treatment, that are nutritionally beneficial and wholesome enough to keep you strong even if you can’t eat too much
  • A section of recipes for after treatment aimed at keeping you healthy.

With contributions from top chefs and food writers including Stephanie Alexander, Nigella Lawson, Rick Stein, Jack Munroe and many others, The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook aims to make cooking easy and enjoyable, as well as providing helpful advice and support.

There may be times during your cancer treatment when you are unable to eat as healthily as you would like. When you’re experiencing sore mouth, difficulty swallowing, and general loss of appetite, how are you supposed to keep your diet balanced and nutritious?

The Royal Marsden Cancer Cookbook explores the foods that will support and nourish you during this time and offers more than 150 delicious, healthy recipes. All the recipes have been reviewed and analysed by Dr Clare Shaw PhD, RD, Consultant Dietitian at The London-based Royal Marsden Hospital, a world-leading cancer centre specialising in diagnosis, treatment, care, education and research.

The book includes three sections: the side effects that might affect your eating during treatment; recipes to cook during treatment that are nutritious and full of energy; and a section of recipes to try after treatment, aimed at keeping you healthy.

The recipes are designed for all the family - as well as for friends - to share, so you don't have to cook individual meals, this easing stress and saving time and money. Positive, healthy eating is acknowledged to be invaluable in helping people to remain physically and mentally strong.

Consult a dietitian if your diet or weight is concerning you for further advice following a cancer diagnosis.

I found this wonderful during my treatments. We would read the hospital copy and then come home and find our chosen recipe to cook. A mix of recipes and information and you don’t have to have cancer to get this or to cook the recipes within.

This is an excellent book. It covers everything you need to know about cancer. It includes good advice about what you should eat and things to stimulate you appetite. It also covers things in general love ring what to expect during treatment and the best ways of alleviating symptoms. The receipts are super tasty for people suffering from jaded chemo palets.

This was purchased for a friend who has cancer, and told to have a special diet, but no one seemed to know exactly what meals he could have, Macmillan didn’t either, but this book had lots so I was surprised that Macmillan didn’t have one in each of the drop ins.

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