The Recovery Brobe Black Post-Mastectomy Bra (6)

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The Brobe Bra is a super comfortable, gently supportive front closure bra - specially designed for breast surgery recovery, including mastectomy, breast reconstruction, breast reduction, and breast augmentation.

The Brobe Bra is a one-of-a-kind recovery garment you can wear throughout the day for comfort and support during recovery.

Designed to fit with Brobe Ice Packs for pain and swelling relief, and the Recovery Brobe - a stylish and comfortable recovery robe with handy features for post-surgery recovery.

  • Super comfortable post-surgery bra
  • Convenient Velcro front-fastening, so you don't have to stretch to take it on or off
  • Integrated bra pockets to hold specially designed Brobe Ice Packs and/or breast prosthesis
  • Wireless yet supportive - keeps you comfortable and supported without irritating tender breasts
  • Made from durable, luxurious fabric 

The Recovery Brobe Black Post-Mastectomy Bra FAQs

  • The Brobe is a specially designed recovery garment for women who have undergone breast cancer treatment. It includes various practical features to help make the recovery process a little easier.Since it was first developed, the people at Brobe have made it their mission to try and improve the lives of women through comfortable and practical clothing.

  • It can take some time to physically recover after surgery, and during this time you will probably have to adjust what you wear so that you can be more comfortable. Loose-fitting and soft clothing is less likely to irritate sensitive skin, and it is a good idea to consider how much you will have to strain to take clothes on and off, as this can cause discomfort when you are still struggling with aches and pains.

  • Following my mother's double mastectomy, this has been her favorite recovery bra. Thank goodness for a comfort like this at such a hard time! Highly recommend! 

    Very comfy...prosthesis fits in easily. Material is soft and doesn't irritate. Still getting used to front Velcro closure, but I would recommend this product. 

    I recently underwent a double mastectomy and was given so many recommendations about bras, shirts etc. My sister bough me the robe and bra and they have been a Godsend!! I have since purchased 2 more Brobe bras! I am able to put them on and off myself and they are extremely comfortable!! 

    This is an excellent surgical recovery bra. It not only is comfortable, but it fits very well. I highly recommend it. 

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