Gin Gins Ginger Chews 84g (12)

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Many people undergoing cancer treatment find they struggle with nausea. Ginger is known to be a natural way of stopping nausea.

Gin Gins Ginger chews are natural, stimulating and delicious. The chews are satisfyingly spicy which help to fend off nausea. Perfect for taking on-the-go. This product is a gluten-free product.

Key benefits

  • Helps to fight off your feelings of nausea
  • Perfect size pack for travel
  • Gluten-free

Ginger (8%), cane sugar, tapioca starch.

Eat when desired or add a few pieces to hot water to make a pleasant drink

The product worked good gingery taste

Individually wrapped so convenient to carry all the time.

Gin Gins Ginger Chews 84g FAQs

  • Gin Gins are Vegan, Gluten-free, fat-free and contain no artificial ingredients. If you are struggling with nausea or experiencing funny tastes, Gin Gins Ginger chews are the surprisingly and satisfyingly spicy treats for you! Ginger is known to be good for treating nausea, and its bold taste can help people struggling with funny flavours, a common side effect of cancer treatment.

  • Each ginger chew is 10% ginger, and also contains cane sugar and tapioca starch. We think this is the right amount to experience the beneficial effects of ginger as well as the spicy taste without it being overwhelming or harmful.

  • While not yet medically proven, ginger has long been thought to have anti-inflammatory properties and contains some antacids. This means small doses may make it a helpful treatment for heartburn and acid reflux. If you are suffering, why not try melting a couple of Gin Gins chews in boiling water for a warming, revitalising drink?

  • Ginger has several properties that mean Gin Gins Ginger Chews can be a helpful and delicious treat in your daily life. Ginger is known to be a good anti-nausea remedy, so if you are frequently feeling sick as a result of treatment it could be helpful to keep a pack of Gin Gins with you. The bold, spicy taste is also great for people who’s taste had been affected by cancer treatment, so if you are finding it more difficult to enjoy familiar tastes, Gin Gins could be your new, fat-free snack of choice.

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