The Gift of Thoughtfulness

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Looking for a sweet and thoughtful gift to give someone with cancer? Our Gift of Thoughtfulness gift set is the perfect present for someone who has cancer and is dealing with its side effects.

We put together these three thoughtful items that are bound to put a smile on the recipients face.

The Gift of Thoughtfulness includes:

A Year of Living Mindfully by Anna Black (RRP £12.09): This beautifully illustrated book helps you to gradually integrate mindfulness into everyday life. Week by week it suggests different activities and meditations to cultivate present moment awareness. The emphasis is on progressing at your own pace and reflecting on your experiences. The book also helps you learn to handle difficult emotions more positively which can be especially helpful for those with cancer.

Sunshine Bold Beanies Gift Bouquet (RRP £53): There's nothing quite like receiving a bright bunch of flowers to cheer you up when you're not feeling your best. But real flowers are no longer permitted in hospitals, so why not send a Sunshine Bold Beanies Gift Bouquet to show how much you care? These bright coloured beanie hats are rolled to looked like roses and presented as a bouquet. The gift includes three Bold Beanies: one Liberty Art Fabrics hat and two plain beanies in lovely, cheery bright colours. Silk flowers are also added to the bouquet. 

Bold Beanies are wonderfully comfortable and warm hat designed for people living with cancer who have lost their hair due to treatment. The company sprung up when the founder lost her hair due to chemo, she struggled to find headwear which didn't slip off and kept her warm without being too itchy.

The hats are made of 100% cotton making them extremely breathable. Perfect to wear on their own or as liner under woolly hats and helmets.

Aroma Home Cozy Hotties Animals - Owl (RRP £8.99): The Aroma Home Cozy Hotties Animals are the ideal products to soothe and relax. The lavender pouch is popped in the microwave and then inserted into the animal to provide warmth and relief from aches and pains.


Alternatively, build your own gift set in our cancer gifts range

The Gift of Thoughtfulness FAQs

  • Getting someone a gift that puts a smile on their face is always a thoughtful thing to do, whatever the gift. If you think a gift will be helpful or enjoyable to the person receiving the gift, then you’ve done your job right.

    People living with cancer face many challenges on their journey, and so a good idea is to think about if there is any way you can help them conquer these challenges. For example, cancer treatment will often leave patients with long stretches of time without much to do, so a book you think they would enjoy or benefit from could make a great thoughtful gift.

  • Luckily, we’ve done the work for you! Our Gift of Thoughtfulness gift set contains a selection of products we believe will bring a smile to the face of someone living with cancer, as well as help them on their journey. Alternatively, there are some great gift options in our cancer gift range, where you can build your own gift set.

  • Think about your relationship with the person receiving the gift, what you think they would and wouldn’t like. Remember your experiences with that person, about things you’ve both enjoyed during your time together, is there anything you could get them that would remind them of the fun you’ve had? Consider what they are going through at this point in their life, whether there’s anything they might need or could help them.

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