The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer by Nicola Bourne

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The Fabulous Woman's Guide Through Cancer is relevant for all women who want to keep control of their own lives once they have been touched by cancer. The book contains advice, tips, stories, information and ideas from many women who have had cancer. It is organised in to sections which make it easy to skip to parts of the book you want to learn about first. The book approaches cancer with both compassion and humour, making it a refreshing read.

About the author

The author of The Fabulous Woman’s Guide to Cancer, Nicola Bourne, is herself a cancer survivor.  Diagnosed with colorectal cancer at the age of 31 in 2012, she was given the all clear two years later in 2014.  Finding a lack of helpful advice aimed specifically at women, Nicola Bourne set about writing the book to provide guidance based on her own personal experiences.

What’s this book about?


The Fabulous Woman’s Guide to Cancer is essentially a lifestyle guide for women living with cancer.  Covering the journey from diagnosis to remission, Nicola Bourne recounts lots of helpful information regarding treatment, symptoms and practical tips for women affected by cancer.  This information covers everything from financial advice to tips on how to maintain a healthy, active social life whilst undergoing treatment. 

Uniquely, the book is written specifically for women which opens the door for discussing the more feminine aspects of living with cancer.  Conversational and friendly in tone, Nicola Bourne relays her own personal experiences to provide practical tips which are specific to women living with cancer.

With a unique layout involving lists and easily searchable subject matters and topics, The Fabulous Woman’s Guide to Cancer can also be used as a reference guide.


What’s it helpful for?

Due to its layout, The Fabulous Woman’s Guide to Cancer doesn’t necessarily need to be read from start to finish.  The book is useful for dipping in and out of between treatments and throughout day-to-day life.  Nicola Bourne’s detailed tips provide a great go-to for anyone looking for extra support or guidance through cancer treatment.

Is this book just for cancer patients?

No - The Fabulous Woman’s Guide to Cancer is suitable for anyone affected by cancer.  Nicola Bourne also lost her mother to cancer which gives her an angle from both sides of the picture.  Alongside sharing her personal experiences, Nicola Bourne provides advice to loved ones looking for ways to help.


Does this book offer medical advice?

No, this book doesn’t provide in-depth medical advice.  Medical advice should always be sought from a professional.  However, the book can be used to compliment medical-based reading, and used as a guidebook for tips on lifestyle and what it means to live with cancer day-to-day.

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