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The Breast Cancer Cookbook is a lifestyle cookbook specifically tailored to help combat breast cancer, brought to you by surgical oncologist Professor Mo Keshtgar.

This enticing collection consists of over 100 recipes including breakfasts, soups, salads, fish and shellfish, poultry and meat, vegetarian dishes, treats, and drinks. All the dishes have been specifically created to take in all the dietary considerations linked to breast cancer and the possible side effects of treatments.

Professor Keshtgar, who is based at the Royal Free Hospital and University College London, has written this book in conjunction with a team of experts: home economist Emily Jonzen, nutritionist Dr. Claire Roberston, and Dr. Miriam Dwek, senior lecturer in biochemistry and leader of the Against Breast Cancer Unit. 

About the author

Professor Mohammed Keshtgar is a world-renowned breast cancer surgeon at the Royal Free Hospital.  A pioneer in the development of breast cancer treatment, Professor Mohammed Keshtgar is best-known for being the first surgeon to perform a keyhole mastectomy in the UK (the removal of the whole breast through one incision under the nipple).   An expert in his field, the author has written The Breast Cancer Cookbook to put an end to much of the conflicting advice surrounding cancer and diet.  With an increasing number of his patients asking for dietary and lifestyle tips, Mohammed has brought together these simple recipes to specifically address dietary concerns for anyone currently undergoing cancer treatment, or looking to adopt a healthy diet post treatment.

What’s the basis of the book?

The author, Professor Mohammed Keshtgar, believes that up to 30% of cancers can be attributed to five specific lifestyle factors.  These are:

•   Diet

•   Being overweight

•   Not eating enough fruit and vegetables

•   Not exercising regularly

•   Tobacco and alcohol intake

Using his wealth of knowledge in the field, the author has come up with a cancer cookbook which details over 100 nutritious recipes to boost overall health and immunity.  Whether you’re currently undertaking treatment, in recovery or looking to prevent recurrence, The Breast Cancer Cookbook has a variety of recipes to incorporate into your healthy eating plan.  Many of the recipes in this book have already made their way into the Royal Free London’s hospital restaurants.


How important is diet and lifestyle when it comes to cancer?

Through his medical background and research, Professor Mohammed Keshtgar believes diet and lifestyle can play a significant role in the prevention of cancer and boosting overall survival rates.  The author points to a major study being undertaken at the University of Westminter which focuses on the diets of over 3000 cancer sufferers.  This has linked healthy lifestyle habits to cancer prevention and higher survival rates.

When should I use these recipes?

These healthy recipes are for anyone currently undergoing treatment or looking for healthy eating tips post treatment.


Is this cookbook only for cancer patients?

Whilst this cancer cookbook is written by a breast cancer specialist, the recipes are relevant for anyone looking to make healthy dietary and lifestyle changes.  Aside from being a cancer cookbook, the recipes in this book can be enjoyed by all the family.

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