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Tena Flex Plus Incontinence Pants are designed to help you if you're experiencing heavy incontinence. These pants have velcro fastenings allowing you (or a carer) to take them off with ease. 

Key benefits:

  • Tena Flex Plus Incontinence Pants can help you to manage heavy incontinence 
  • Absorbant, comfortable design allows you to head about yoru day
  • Velcro waist allow for easy removal
  • Features FeelDry technology and an odour neutralizer
  • Absorbency of 2100ml
  • Available in Medium or Large 

Tena Flex Plus Incontinence Pants are disposable and feature FeelDry technology to keep urine away from the skin by absorbing it into their core. This specially designed underwear protect you from leaks and have an odour neutraliser.


***For us to refund this product it must be returned unopened in its original packaging***

What as Tena Flex?

Tena Flex is a belted pad which can help you manage incontinence comfortably and discreetly. Tena Flex comes with a number of unique qualities that help to ensure complete protection:

Superfit Waist Belt - the superfit waist belt easily fastens around the waist ensuring changing times can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

Breathable outer material - Tena Flex’s breathable outer material allows air to circulate ensuring dry, healthy skin and optimal comfort.

FeelDry technology - Tena Flex boasts a unique system which can draw large quantities of urine to the core so it stays away from the skin keeping it healthy and soft.

Odour Neutraliser - removes the smell of ammonia to keep you feeling clean and fresh.

Wetness indicator - with an easy to use wetness indicator on the outside of Tena Flex, there’s no need to open the pad to find out whether it needs changing.

Who is Tena Flex suitable for?

Anyone suffering heavy incontinence, male or female.

  • Assess the level of absorbency needed
  • Measure around your hip to find the correct size 
  • Put the belt around the hips or waist (depending on body shape/size) 
  • Fix the belt to hold the pants in place while you arrange the front portion
  • Open up the pad and bend it into a round, bowl shape 
  • Pull the pad between the legs, and fold it lengthwise to help create the rounded, bowl shape
  • Secure the pad at the front using the velcro system
  • Double-check to make sure the elastic is pulled taut and that the pants fit snugly 

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