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Sorrento Bamboo Chemo Cap are the perfect headcovers for cancer related hair loss. Made from super soft bamboo material, each hat has antibacterial, temperature-regulating properties that make it less likely to irritate even the most sensitive scalp.

Why we recommend Sorrento Bamboo Chemo Cap

Sorrento Bamboo Chemo Cap are one of our star products here at Live Better With. You just can't beat bamboo - we think it's a bit of a miracle material - especially for chemo headwear.

Bamboo is naturally thermoregulating - meaning it's highly breathable in hot weather, but keeps you warm when the weather turns chilly.

It wicks moisture away from your scalp, preventing that sweaty, sticky feeling that can happen under a headscarf or cotton hat.

It's naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, which can help to prevent infection and keep your headwear smelling fresher for longer.

And on top of all this, it's incredibly soft to the touch. That's why we always recommend bamboo headwear for cancer patients - when your scalp is sensitive and you're going through hair loss, you deserve a little extra luxury.


Sorrento Bamboo Chemo Caps are a great option for everyday wear while you're going through cancer-related hair loss. The ruched pattern gives texture and volume to the hat, giving the same effect as a headscarf but without needing to tie it. The flower appliqué design can be worn on either side of the head for an asymmetric style that suits you.

  • Super soft bamboo material - softer than cotton, so it doesn't irritate your scalp when it's sore 
  • Temperature-regulating - bamboo hats keep your scalp cool in hot weather, and warm in cooler temperatures
  • Moisture-wicking - 41% more absorbent than cotton, bamboo helps control perspiration and keeps your scalp fresh and dry
  • Naturally antibacterial bamboo fibres - making sensitive scalp less prone to irritation and infection 
  • Simple, smart design - no need to tie or tuck, just ready to wear

Please note: Unfortunately we're unable to include this style of hat in any discounts or promotions. For other bamboo styles that are included in our sales and promotions, check out our Live Better With Bamboo Hats.

Is the Sorrento Bamboo Hat appropriate to wear if my scalp is sensitive?

Yes. The bamboo fabric is purposefully used to decrease irritation for those who have sensitive scalps. Excess sweating can also cause scalp irritation and itchiness. Bamboo is known for its absorbency so will reduce scalp irritation by taking excess sweat away. 

Why do I need a bamboo hat?

Treatment for cancer can often cause you to lose your hair. Many people like to use head coverings but can find a lot of hats and wigs hot, itchy and uncomfortable. Bamboo hats, on the other hand, are perfect for cancer-related hair loss, due to the incredible softness of bamboo, along with its antibacterial properties. These combined make bamboo hats much less likely to irritate the scalp than wigs.

Furthermore, bamboo hats are warm enough to keep you warm in the winter, but breathable enough to be comfortable in the summer too. They're also three times more absorbent than cotton, which is extra handy if the heat is causing perspiration. 

How many colours does the Sorrento Bamboo Hat come in?

The Sorrento Bamboo Hat comes in seven different colours.

Who would benefit from the Sorrento Bamboo Hat?

The Sorrento Bamboo Hat would suit anyone living with hair loss, including thinning hair, patchiness or balding. Its antimicrobial properties mean it won’t irritate even the most sensitive scalps. The soft bamboo fabric and absorbent material also mean it can be worn for long periods at a time and not cause irritation.

Does the Sorrento Bamboo Hat come in patterns?

No, currently the bamboo hat only comes in solid colours. The bamboo hat does have an elegant flower on its side, setting it apart from plain bamboo hats.

Why is the Sorrento Bamboo hat so comfortable?

The comfort of the Sorrento hat lies within its fabric and style. Bamboo hats for cancer patients are usually well tolerated for a number of reasons. Bamboo fabric hats are soft, breathable and warm. Meaning they can be worn in winter and keep your head warm, but also be worn in summer or warmer months without overheating.

Why is absorbency important when choosing a hat?

People sweat, and when sweat dries, due to bacteria living in your skin (including your scalp), it irritates your scalp and makes it start to itch. This is why many people find wigs itchy, partly due to the fabric they use, but also because that wigs are not that breathable (which is why they look great and provide full coverage), and cause your head to sweat. Bamboo fabric hats wick away excess sweat. Meaning that the sweat is not sitting on your scalp to dry and become itchy. People often comment how long and easy they can wear their Sorrento Bamboo hat without it being itchy or their scalp becoming irritated.

Can I wear the Sorrento Bamboo hat at night time when I sleep?

Technically you can, people often find wearing a sleeping cap at night helps keep their head warm overnight. Also if you are currently experiencing hair loss, wearing a cap can help ease the anxiety of seeing hair loss on your pillow, as it collects in the cap. The Sorrento Bamboo hat is not made with sleeping in mind, and you may find it uncomfortable sleeping on the side with the rose applique on it. However, if you know that won’t be an issue and would prefer to wear it than a thinner, less detailed, sleep cap, there is no reason why you cannot.

Is the Sorrento Bamboo hat suitable for swimming in?

Unfortunately, the Sorrento Bamboo hat is not suitable for swimming in, as the hat is not waterproof. In fact, bamboo fabrics are actually highly absorbent (three times more absorbent than cotton!). This wonderful fabric helps to wick moisture away from the skin to prevent perspiration. This means that if you're suffering from night sweats, bamboo pyjamas are a fantastic solution. 

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