Soft Padded Raised Toilet or Commode Seat (5)

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Using the toilet or commode when you are in pain can be a very uncomfortable experience. This soft seat allows some more comfort as well as increasing the height of the seat meaning less bending is required making both lowering and rising easier.

The seat fits comfortably on top of the existing seat and secured with four hook and loop straps for stability. The seat is wipe clean allowing for quick and easy cleaning. This seat is 50mm high.

Key benefits

  • Makes seats which are too hard, much more comfortable
  • Allows for less bending due to an increased height
  • Wipe clean

Who is this Soft Padded Raised Toilet Seat for?

The Soft Padded Raised Toilet or Commode Seat is ideal for patients who have a tender or reddened buttock area, or those patients who find it difficult standing up.

Does the Soft Padded Raised Toilet Seat come in any other colours?

Currently the Soft Padded Raised Toilet or Commode Seat only comes in white.

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