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The Limon Shower Drapron® is a simple garment designed to be left on in the shower during assisted bathing.

The lightweight material allows water through for easy showering, while helping the wearer to maintain a sense of privacy when they are undressed. 

Designed by Barbara whilst caring for her mother who developed dementia, the Drapron is designed to make bathing easier and more dignified for both the carer and the person being bathed.

Having the cover of even a simple garment can help the wearer to feel they have more privacy during showers - and the pretty patterned fabric makes the Drapron feel like more than just a functional garment.

Following washing, you can use the matching Drying Drapron to dry off again without having to be fully undressed. 

The Shower Drapron® at a glance:

  • Made from fabric that lets water pass through
  • Provides dignity during assisted bathing
  • Long enough to cover knees
  • Short back so that wearer isn't sat on the material
  • Easy care - can be left to drip dry in the shower
  • Single, easy magnetic back fastening
  • Reduces anxiety and stress for wearer and carer

Please note: this garment contains a small magnet. Consult your doctor first if wearer or carer has a pacemaker.


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