Self-Opening Scissors

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Surgery and treatment sometimes can leave you unable to apply much pressure with your hands. The self-opening scissors have a large comfortable ergonomic handle complete with a spring to automatically re-open the scissors after the cutting action is completed. 

The self-opening scissors have durable stainless multi-purpose blades making them ideal for cutting food and herbs in the kitchen or for cutting paper, cardboard or other items. The safety lock keeps the scissors closed when they're not in use.

It had become very frustrating to be unable to use normal scissors. These scissors have made a fantastic difference to my life. This may seem to be an overstatement but, before my illness, I hadn't realised how often you need to cut things with scissors. These are perfect and very easy to use - even with very weak fingers. So good that I bought a second pair for use in the kitchen.

So easy to use especially with a disability.

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