Salivix Sugar-Free Saliva Stimulant 50 Pastilles

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Salivix Sugar-Free Saliva Stimulant Pastilles help to combat the effects of dry mouth that result from cancer and cancer treatment. 

Key Benefits: 

  • Salivix pastilles help you produce saliva to counteract dry mouth
  • Sugar free with pH stabilisers
  • 50 pastilles per packet
  • Subtle and discreet; can be carried with you and used throughout the day as needed 
  • Makes eating and drinking more comfortable
  • Can help to reduce the chance of mouth sores 

Cancer treatment can result in a dry mouth which is very unpleasant. This can result in difficulty talking and swallowing amongst other things. Salivix Sugar-Free Stimulant Pastilles help the mouth to produce saliva by stimulating it in the same way that food does.

The pastilles are tutti fruitti flavoured and sugar-free. In addition to this, the pastilles contain pH stabilisers to counteract tooth erosion. 

What is dry mouth?

Xerostomia is the term health care professionals use for dry mouth. In the cancer setting, dry mouth is usually caused by radiotherapy to the head, neck or lung region, where the mouth is in the range of field of the radiation. Certain drugs which you could be prescribed can also cause dry mouth.

How can I stop dry mouth?

Dry mouth from radiotherapy can be unavoidable for some people. If you know are at risk of developing dry mouth, being attentive in your mouth care is essential. Saliva stimulant,s such as Salivix Sugar-Free Saliva Stimulant Pastilles, can help stimulate and increase saliva in patients undergoing radiotherapy. 

Will Salivix Sugar-Free Saliva Stimulant Pastilles help my dry mouth?

Salivix Sugar-Free Saliva Stimulant Pastilles have been shown to improve saliva levels in patients who have radiotherapy-induced dry mouth. More evidence is still needed for patients who have dry mouth related to medication. 

Includes Gum Arabic, lycasin, calcium lactate, sodium phosphate,xylitol, and malic acid.

Free of: Alcohol, gluten, soy, sodium lauryl sulfate, artificial sweeteners and preservatives.


  • Suck one pastille slowly when needed

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