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The NKS (National Key Scheme) Radar Key gives people with disabilities access to over 9,000 disabled toilets across the UK. 

  • 24 hour access to bathroom facilities that are usually locked to prevent misuse
  • Radar-compatible locks can be found in shopping centres, pubs, cafés, restaurants, airports, train stations and other venues in the UK
  • With a bright red, easy-to-use handle, and braille identification

Radar Key FAQs

  • A radar key is a skeleton key (a key that can open many different locks) for opening disabled toilets across the UK. Disabled toilets are often locked to avoid misuse, and with a radar key you can gain independent access without the need to ask the establishment for help.

  • Radar keys are available for purchase by anyone who feels they might need one. Often pubs, restaurants and shopping centres will keep their disabled toilets locked to avoid misuse, meaning you will have to ask someone who works there to grant you access if you are in need. This can sometimes be a time consuming activity, which can be particularly frustrating when you need the bathroom! Purchasing a radar key means you can access these bathrooms yourself, giving you increased independence and saving you time.

  • A radar key is available for anyone who feels they might need one. IBS can make trips to the bathroom more urgent, and the use of a radar key can give you quicker independent access to a bathroom when you need it.

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