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The Mantra Bamboo Scarves are a gorgeous, elegant way to cover your head when you're going through cancer-related hair loss. Each Mantra scarf is super soft and reversible, with a pre-textured hat section and 2 long, elegant ribbons of fabric that make it easy to tie into a range of styles.

  • Made from super soft, breathable bamboo fabric - perfect for keeping your head cool and dry
  • With two long fabric ribbons - leave them loose for a ponytail effect, or tie them up for more texture and shape around the head
  • No irritating seams - especially designed to protect sensitive scalps from irritation

This Mantra Scarf is a gorgeous way to cover the head, especially during the summer months when hats or wigs can be hot, itchy or uncomfortable.

Made from super soft bamboo fabric, the Mantra is three times more absorbent than cotton and helps to wick moisture away from your head, keeping your scalp fresh and dry even in warm weather.

Bamboo is also known for its naturally antibacterial fibres, which can help to keep your sensitive scalp clean and less prone to irritation or infection - making it the perfect material for anyone going through hair loss related to cancer treatment.

This scarf has a main hat section and two long fabric ribbons for a laid-back, relaxed look. The Mantra scarf is available in a huge range of colours to suit your complexion, outfit or mood - just scroll through our pictures to see the full range and find your perfect shade.

Will the mantra scarf irritate my skin?

No. The Mantra Scarf is made out of Bamboo fabric. Bamboo fabric is chosen for its softness and antibacterial properties. Both of these help to reduce irritation and itchiness on the scalp. 

How do I know if I should wear a scarf, hat or wig?

At the end of the day, it ultimately comes down to personal choice. Scarves are a great and stylish way keep your head covered and warm, but some people prefer wearing a wig. Wigs are ideal if you're wanting to feel confident when heading out to an event, for example. However, they are known to get itchy, and can be uncomfortable for some people. Hats are perfect for nighttime, so your hair doesn’t get caught on your pillow. Some people find a choice of all three allows them to be much more flexible, enabling them to pick and choose what they wear depending on their mood.


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