PICC Line Protection Kit

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Patients often receive treatment through a PICC line which can be an uncomfortable daily reminder of cancer and can make it difficult to shower or bathe. This PICC Line Kit includes our exclusive Care +Wear PICC Line cover that subtly covers the PICC line site and a LimbO Waterproof PICC Cover to protect the site from the water:

  • Care + Wear PICC Line Cover: made from a breathable cotton and lycra blend that has an EPA-approved antimicrobial treatment. You can find more information on the PICC Line here.
  • LimbO Waterproof PICC Line Cover: suitable for baths and showers, the LimbO Waterproof cover has a soft waterproof neoprene seal that can be completely submerged in water while keeping your PICC Line site dry. You can read more information on the LimbO here.

The Care + Wear PICC Line Covers are available in Black, Camel, Dawn, Violet & Red. If you would like a size and colour combination that is not shown, please email theteam@livebetterwith.com.



Why should I buy PICC Line covers?

If you’re having ongoing IV treatment as part of your cancer therapy, some people find PICC line covers useful for protecting the area.  Our PICC Line Kit combines a stretchy covering to protect the area day-to-day, alongside a waterproof covering that can be worn in the bath or shower.

A PICC line can serve as a constant reminder of illness… Many people find that covering the area with a sleeve helps to hide the line from onlookers and makes them feel more secure day-to-day.  The need to protect the area when showering or taking a bath can also be a hassle.  Wearing a secure waterproof covering means you can fully relax and enjoy shower time without concerns of getting the area wet.

Is it hygienic to wear PICC line covers for shower use?

Yes.  The LimbO Waterproof PICC Line Cover helps to keep bacteria away from the vein when showering or having a bath.  The LimbO is made from two layers of PVC with a nylon mesh which means it’s completely watertight and extremely durable, so you can rest in confidence that the area is fully protected.

Can I swim whilst wearing the LimbO?

It’s generally recommended that swimming or vigorous physical activity is avoided whilst wearing the LimbO.  The LimbO is designed as a PICC line cover for showering or baths rather than strenuous water sports. 

Please make sure you always seek the advice of a medical professional before undertaking any new physical activity.

How do I wash the Care + Wear PICC line cover?

The Care + Wear PICC line cover can be machine washed in cold water up to 100 times.  If using a tumble dryer always make sure it’s on a low setting.  Alternatively, you can air dry the sleeve flat.


Can I reuse the LimbO?

Yes, the LimbO is designed to be worn daily.  Simply hang it up to dry after bathing or showering, and wash with warm soapy water when needed.

Do I need help when putting on PICC line covers?

Both Care + Wear and LimbO covers are easy to use and can be put on independently without the help of another person.  You can find demonstrations on how to fit the covers on their websites.

PICC Line Protection Kit FAQs

  • In daily life, it can be a good idea to wear a PICC line cover to ensure it is held securely against your arm and is less likely to get caught on anything, such as your clothes when changing. It is also important to protect your PICC line from getting wet in the shower or bath, so wearing a waterproof cover or applying additional waterproof dressing before washing is highly recommended.

  • When showering or bathing, it is very important to make sure your PICC line is completely covered so that it remains dry. If it gets wet, the dressing may become less secure which risks infection, or the PICC line falling out. The LimbO Waterproof PICC Line Cover is a great way to ensure your PICC line doesn’t get wet when you wash, as it is keeps your line safe in its hygienic, watertight mesh.

  • A PICC line (or Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter) is a long, thin and hollow tube (a catheter) that is inserted into a vein just above the elbow and gently threaded to a large vein in your chest. It is used for administering medicines such as in chemotherapy and is useful because it can be left in for several months.

  • After being administered general anaesthetic a specialist nurse or doctor will insert a needle into a vein in your arm and thread it through the vein until it reaches a large vein in your chest. The needle is then removed and the long tube (or catheter) is left in, and the end is held in place with dressing. 

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