GLIDE Odour Neutralising Pouch Lubricant

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This dual action pouch lubricant helps ostomy and stoma bags work effectively whilst simultaneously removing any odour at the source. A great addition to the toolkit of anyone living with an ostomy or stoma.

Key Features:

  • Lubricates the inside of the ostomy pouch for ease of use.
  • Contains highly-effective odour neutralisers to eradicate potentially embarrassing smells.
  • Easy to use, water base and fragrance-free.

Ostomy bags can be quite difficult to live with since they require regular maintenance to work effectively. Many people find their confidence knocked when they get a stoma, as at times management can become a messy process. The use of specialist ostomy products can help reduce issues and boost confidence.

Glide Pouch Lubricant is a great choice for anyone living with a stoma as it help in a few different ways. Lubricating inside the pouch can prevent ‘pancaking’, aid pouch emptying and reduce stir and noise. Glide also incorporates odour neutralises that will identify and eliminate unwanted smells right at their source.

Choose from the specially designed sachets that help prevent spillage, or from the multi pump system that delivers 8ml each time.

  • Aqua, Glycerin, Carbomer, Triethanolamine

  1. Use one sachet or one pump of lubricant for each use.
  2. Place lubricant directly inside the pouch.

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