CLEAR Adhesive Remover

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OstoPEEL is a sting-free medical adhesive remover for anyone using an ostomy bag, available in a range of fresh scents for deodorising during appliance changes.

  • Spray works at all angles, is quieter than most aerosols, and doesn't feel uncomfortably cold on the skin
  • Available in Blackberry, Apple, Mint and No Fragrance varieties
  • Also available as a handy wipe in individual sachets, ideal for your on-the-go stoma care kit

Hexamethydisiloxane, Octamenthylcydotetrasiloxane, Dihydromyrcenol.

If you're new to living with an ostomy, check out our free guide to Stoma Care.


No sting and easy to use full 360 all round spray minimising the need to waste any unnecessary spray saving money.

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