PEEL Adhesive Remover Spray

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OstoCLEAR is a gentle but highly effective medical adhesive remover containing Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils. The formulation of OstoCLEAR will help you to gently remove your pouch or flange and any stubborn adhesive residue.

Why Tea Tree and Lavender Essential Oils?

Tea Tree oil is widely believed to have antiseptic and antifungal properties. Lavender oil is a universal healer and will soothe tender skin. Both of these oils are non toxic, non irritant and widely used today in many everyday products.

OstoCLEAR is available in a useful sachet format for discreet use whilst out and about, as well as a multi-use spray bottle for application at home.

Paraffinic Hydrocarbon Solvent, Paraffinum Liquidum, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil

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