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Orabase Protective Paste is a smooth, ointment-like paste which provides quick and effective relief from mouth ulcers and pain caused by cancer treatment. Orabase provides a protective film over sore areas in the mouth, so that you can get back to your day pain-free. 

  • Provides a protective film around mouth sores
  • Does not contain steroids
  • Quick and effective pain relief
  • Soothes sore patches in the mouth 

Several cancer treatments, including radiation and chemotherapy, can leave you with painful mouth sores - which can make eating difficult. Orabase has been specially formulated to adhere to the mucosa membranes and any raw weeping areas in your mouth to prevent and soothe mouth ulcers.

Orabase Paste can be used in the mouth, around wounds, and for ostomies which need protection. It does not contain any steroids. 

How does Orabase Protective Paste help mouth sores and ulcers?

Mouth sores, such as those that occur during chemo treatment, can become quite painful when exposed to food, drink and other acids in your mouth. Orabase sticks to the mucosal lining to provide sores and ulcers with a protective layer. This layer allows the wounds to heal quickly and reduce the chances of inflammation and infection. It also provides comfort for people while eating and drinking.

Why do sore mouths and ulcers occur?

In the cancer setting, sore mouths and ulcers can be a result of certain chemotherapies and radiotherapy to the head, neck or lung area. Radiotherapy and chemotherapy are effective in destroying cells that divide rapidly. This a characteristic of cancer cells. The cells that line the mouth and digestive tract also rapidly divide, increasing their risk of being attacked by chemotherapy or radiation. The result is a breakdown of these cells leading to inflammation and ulcers in the mouth.


Is there anything I can do to prevent having a sore mouth or ulcers?

Yes and no. Due to the nature of treatment, sometimes it is difficult to prevent side-effects such as sore mouth and ulcers. But there are ways to improve the healing process and stop the ulcers from worsening. Orabase Protective Paste for Sore Mouth and Ulcers is one product that can help the healing process as it provides a protective layer over the sores. The protective layer improves the environment of the ulcers, so they are able to heal quicker.

Is Orabase purely used in the mouth?

No. Orabase’s formula is special in that it sticks to mucous membranes and raw areas. This means it can benefit people who have ostomies or needing ostomy care, including ileostomies and colostomies. Consult your stoma nurse if you think you could benefit from Orabase.

Does Orabase contain steroids?

No, Orabase does not contain any steroids.

Gelatin 16.7%, Pectin 16.7%, Sodium carboxymethylcellulose 16.7% Polythene 2.5% and liquid paraffin 47.4%

Orabase is steroid-free.

  • Try to wipe the sore spot dry (use a clean cotton bud, for example).
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of the gel to the sore area with your finger.
  • Avoid eating or drinking for 30 minutes.

Using Orabase for Stoma Care: 

  • Apply to the area surrounding the stoma if it becomes irritated to prevent further erosion and allow skin to heal.

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