Long Turban Tying Scarf

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A 100% cotton turban scarf available in a range of beautiful colours. Express yourself and look great with these comfortable and stylish headpieces.

Key Features:

  • Long turban scarf for tying into a range of styles.
  • Made from 100% cotton for comfort and breathability.
  • Available in approximately 25 different seasonal colours.

We know that hair loss and hair thinning during cancer treatment can be scary, it shouldn’t stop you feeling confident, brave and beautiful. Many people choose to wear headpieces such as turbans and scarves during cancer treatment as a way of expressing themselves and protecting their scalps from the sun.

These long turban tying scarves are especially suitable for anyone living with cancer, as they use 100% cotton fabric for comfort and breathability. The crinkled cotton adds texture and fulness, softening the outline of the head. It also means that once tied they’ll stay put and won’t unravel on you.


  • 100% Cotton

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash COLD to preserve the colour
  • Colour may run with washing
  • Use mild detergent and then twist and leave to dry to ensure fabric crinkles

How to Tie a Turban? 

  1. Take a long Suburban Turban scarf, open it out from its twist and fold it not quite in half along its length. Place it over your head and just a little off centre. Position it where you would like it on the brow and ensure the scarf covers your head to the nape of your neck. Then begin twisting the scarf on either side of your face to get a neat outline over the ears.
  2. Cross over the scarf ends behind your head, ensuring you have crossed over on top of the scarf to totally cover the head from the back and then bring the scarf ends in front of you. At this point you can put one down, twist a little more or move your hands down the scarf and adjust the crossover. A back view mirror would be useful here although not essential as it can all be tidied up later once the knot is tied. 
  3. Happy with the placement at the back, continue to wrap the scarf round the sides of the head and do the first stage of an ordinary granny knot off to one side. This will look far more flattering than doing it on top of you head!
  4. Give your arms a rest for a moment, the scarf won’t move if you let go now. You may wish to tuck in or re-adjust the scarf as it has gone round your head but this shouldn’t be necessary, as it seems to just follow through on its own.
  5. Take hold of the ends of the scarf again and adjust tightness of knot so that you feel secure. (The beauty of these cotton crinkle scarves is that the fabric ‘holds’, it won’t slip and it won’t work itself loose.) Then finalise the knot by taking left hand over right and turning it into a reef knot to secure, (this makes for a flatter knot). If that all sounds a bit technical an ordinary granny knot will do! 
  6. Tidy away ends by tucking in behind scarf at the front. With the pleated fabric this ‘hides away’ very easily and just adds a little flattering volume around the face. We hope you’ll agree this is an extremely elegant look!

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