Living in the Moment by Anna Black (3)

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Cancer patients often find that learning to be mindful allows them to enjoy life to a greater extent and helps with relaxation. Living in the Moment by Anna Black is a beautifully illustrated book dedicated to showing you how to pay attention the small moments of daily life.

The book guides you through mindful meditation to allow you to become aware of your habitual thoughts and behaviours and discover which are helpful and which are not. It helps you to learn to listen to the body and pick up warning signs of stress as well as tune into your inner wisdom. Packed with short and simple meditations, this book can be used by all people in all walks of life and at any time.

Key benefits 

  • Mindfulness can help you to take greater joy in life
  • Aids relaxation during times of anxiety
  • Suitable for all, whether or not you have previously practised mindfulness

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