Vanilla Blush Women's Hernia Support Pantie Girdle (2)

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This Hernia Support Pantie Girdle is an essential medical support undergarment for anyone who has a parastomal hernia, or who has an ostomy and is looking to prevent the occurrence of parastomal hernias. 

Designed by leading UK ostomy clothing brand Vanilla Blush, each piece in the hernia support range is designed to fit discreetly under your clothes, giving you the extra layer of support you need to feel comfortable and secure. 

By spreading gentle pressure and support across the whole abdomen area, this girdle-style brief can help to prevent leakage, increase your comfort and security, and reduce the chance of developing a parastomal hernia. 

Made with breathable, sweat-reducing fabric that won't roll down your waist while you're wearing it, the hernia support pantie girdle is easy to wear, and designed to keep you feeling cool and fresh.

  • High-waisted design - doesn't slip or roll down
  • Spreads support evenly across the whole abdomen
  • Prevents pressure directly on the stoma - reduce chances of leaks
  • 92% cotton - made with breathable, skin-friendly material

Please note this product is non-refundable.

92% cotton, 8% elastane.

All items carry the security of the CE MARK, which means they conform to the Medical Devices Directive and Conformity Assessment.

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