Inga Wellbeing Women's Pyjama Bottoms

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Winner of the Henry van de Velde 2016 'Better Health' design awards

Cancer and its side effects can result in regular treatment and examinations that involve having to undress yourself. The Inga Wellbeing range is designed to ensure you can retain your sense of self and independence during cancer treatment. This classic straight-legged pyjama bottom is an elegant solution for women that may prefer to hide their legs, compression socks or catheters.

Made from soft, natural fabric, these pyjama bottoms have a gently elasticated waistband. The wide-leg design hides drains while discreet openings provide access to the groin area and to the legs ensuring examinations and treatments are more dignified. 

Key benefits

  • Front panel opens fully
  • Leg outer seams are poppered from the ankle to mid-thigh
  • Pockets can be used for small drains or for personal items

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