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While undergoing cancer treatment, it is quite common to have an altered sense of taste. This side-effect can be quite unpleasant and lead to nausea and a loss of apetite.

The products in this kit are handpicked to help tackle the metallic taste and give you some inspiration with nutritious recipes and tips.

  • The Live Better With Eat Better with Cancer Cook Book  It is full of delicious recipes & recommendations from cancer patients.
  • The Bamboo Cutlery is ideal to help reduce the metallic taste often experienced when using normal cutlery.
  • The Gin Gins Ginger Chews are spicy ginger chews that remove any other taste from your mouth and reduce nausea.

Ginger Chews: Eat when desired or add a few pieces to hot water to make a pleasant drink 

Ginger Chews: Ginger (8%), cane sugar, tapioca starch.

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