From Zero to Mastectomy

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This account of one women’s journey from Stage 0 breast cancer diagnosis to recovery is insightful, moving and offers practical advice on an experience too often dismissed as ‘not that serious’.

Key Features:

  • Detailed, thoughtful chronicle of one women’s cancer journey.
  • Filled with carefully explained facts and practical tips.
  • Includes Q&A with the author’s expert medical team.

When Jackie Fox was first diagnosed with stage 0 cancer, she had no idea what it meant. It isn’t life threatening if treated, and it’s difficult to know how much of a challenge you’re facing, and whether you can call yourself a survivor when you’re on the other side (Answer: yes, you can). As she learned more about her condition and the choices she faced for treatment, she realised that whilst her experience was different from stage 3 or 4 diagnosis, some aspects of the cancer journey are universal.

"Jackie Fox has given a voice to women who have DCIS or stage 0 breast cancer, who read about women with stage 3 or 4 cancer and feel like their experience is insignificant. It is not insignificant; it can be a huge scare and a terrific amount of work and emotional stress. Fox’s humor and positive outlook do a good job of conveying the true experience without terrifying someone who might need to follow that path."  

–Stephanie Koraleski, chief executive officer, A Time To Heal, a holistic rehabilitation program for cancer survivors:

This book is about learning that stage 0 breast cancer is a serious and important life event that throws up many different significant decisions requiring real consideration to tackle effectively. By taking the reader through her own experiences and research, Fox demonstrates the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis at any stage and offers expert advice on the decisions everyone has to make on their cancer journey.

  • Paperback: 132 Pages
  • Publisher : Honyocker Press (9 July 2010)
  • Product Dimensions : 14 x 0.79 x 21.6 cm 

This book is a must have for those with stage 0 and their loved ones. I have just about completed the reconstruction phase of a bilateral mastectomy following stage 0 diagnosis. It all feels so surreal sometimes -- even now. Stage 0 seems like it falls into the grey area of cancer. I wasn't in for the "fight of my life" but what I had was serious enough to warrant this life changing surgery. I couldn't find much info out there that dealt with what I was going through -- especially emotionally. I felt like I couldn't wear "survivor" shirts and I certainly didn't feel like I should be walking any "survivor" laps at cancer events. Sometimes I felt like I should only feel grateful for catching this early enough and that I couldn't rightfully mourn. This book was so well done, and so right on. It made me laugh and cry. It is helping me heal. It reminded me that I did "survive" and that I am a better person because of it. I really wish that someone would have handed it to me at the beginning of my journey. Thank you Jackie, you are a blessing.

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