From Zero to Mastectomy

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From Zero to Mastectomy: What I Learned and You Need to Know about Stage 0 Breast Cancer, chronicles Jackie Fox's journey through the unique challenges of stage 0 DCIS breast cancer. Although not life-threatening, DCIS can require the same treatment and cause the same stress as advanced cancers. When Fox's oncologist tried to reassure her by saying her DCIS was not "real cancer," she responded, "It's close enough! Someone sign me up for the fake mastectomy!" Fox describes her journey with humor, candor and compassion for women in this situation. A Q&A chapter with Fox's medical team addresses common questions.


This book is a must have for those with stage 0 and their loved ones. I have just about completed the reconstruction phase of a bilateral mastectomy following stage 0 diagnosis. It all feels so surreal sometimes -- even now. Stage 0 seems like it falls into the grey area of cancer. I wasn't in for the "fight of my life" but what I had was serious enough to warrant this life changing surgery. I couldn't find much info out there that dealt with what I was going through -- especially emotionally. I felt like I couldn't wear "survivor" shirts and I certainly didn't feel like I should be walking any "survivor" laps at cancer events. Sometimes I felt like I should only feel grateful for catching this early enough and that I couldn't rightfully mourn. This book was so well done, and so right on. It made me laugh and cry. It is helping me heal. It reminded me that I did "survive" and that I am a better person because of it. I really wish that someone would have handed it to me at the beginning of my journey. Thank you Jackie, you are a blessing.




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