Foods to Fight Cancer (6)

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Written by experts in the field of cancer and nutrition, Foods to Fight Cancer is the ultimate guide to cancer-fighting foods.

Good nutrition can have a major impact on your strength during cancer treatment and recovery. And when one third of all preventable cancers can be traced back to poor eating habits, it's more important than ever to be clued up on what you're eating.

This book explores the benefits of 11 seemingly humble foods - from tomatoes and garlic to cabbage and chocolate - and teaches you all about their incredible cancer-fighting abilities.

With more than 190 full-colour pages of facts, diagrams, and essential guidelines on how to include these healing foods regularly in your diet, this book is an essential for anyone interested in separating the facts from the myths when it comes to food and cancer. 

  • Explore the cancer-fighting benefits of 11 everyday foods, including berries, garlic, and even chocolate
  • Backed up with up-to-date, easy-to-understand scientific evidence, statistics and research
  • Includes simple, realistic guidelines on how to include more cancer-fighting foods in your diet




Experts in cancer fighting foods

Dr. Béliveau is a leading authority in the field of cancer and nutritional research. He is a professor of biochemistry at the University of Quebec at Montreal, where he is also the Chair in the Prevention and Treatment of Cancer.

Dr. Denis Gingras is an oncology researcher in the Molecular Medicine Lab of UQAM, and co-writer of two books on cancer and nutrition.



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