Flexible Jar and Bottle Opener

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Fatigue and muscle pain are common side-effects of cancer treatment. This jar opener is specially designed for people with limited hand strength.

Key Features:

  • Large, comfortable handles, great for people with limited hand strength
  • Contoured handles distribute pressure evenly
  • Snap-button locks firmly to keep can opener in place
  • Releases with press of a button
  • Oversize knob turns easily


Great little gadget for those tough to open lids and jar tops.
I use this as my hands/wrists have not much strength in them and is perfect for me to opens lids and jars with ease.
It has the capability to open all the sizes you would ever need (small, medium and large lids, tops etc) which comes in very handy as a single one piece item.
It is also flexible therefore can be used for lots of different sizes of lids/jar tops etc.
I use it to open multiple products from pop bottles, jam jars etc and haven’t come across one that it couldn’t open yet.
It’s very sturdy works very well and cleans great.

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