Evaux Legs & Feet 250ml

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The product LEGS & FEET is a gel-cream specially designed for a quick hydration and a restorative and soothing action of the skin of the lower limbs.

LEGS & FEET is non-greasy, and can be applied between the toes limiting the risks of fungal infections or maceration.

It benefits from the components of the hyperthermal water EVAUX®, a mixture of natural trace elements with anti-irritant, soothing and restorative properties. Its high silicon content acts in particular on the restructuring of the keratin and collagen of the skin, helping to restore hydration, tone and plasticity.

Directions for use:

Apply 2 times a day on clean skin by performing a gentle massage.

Avoid contact with lesions and open wounds. External use.

Tests performed by diabetologists

  • Soothing neuropathic pain in patients with peripheral neuropathic pain - burning sensations, tingling, itching, cold, hypoesthesia, - in the lower limbs.
  • Primary prevention in patients with feet at risk of developing ulcers: it hydrates, rapidly relaxes callosities and limits their development; it protects from drying out and prevents the appearance of cracks.
  • Secondary prevention, when ulcers are cured and re-epithelialized, it promotes the development of better skin quality and prevents recurrence.

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