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Our Live Better With Essential Bundle is a great gift for anyone living with cancer or going through treatment. Each product has been handpicked to help fight some of the side effects of cancer and treatments chemotherapy and radiotherapy such as difficulty sleeping, headaches, hot flushes and eye strain.

The Live Better With Essential Bundle at a Glance:

  • iBeani* - for making it easy to get comfortable in any place or position when using your tablet or reading your book
  • Gel Eye Mask - for soothing headaches, hot flushes and eye strain
  • Soothing Blend Rollerball - for calming, soothing you and transporting you to a peaceful, focused place

Not everyone experiences the same side effects with cancer or its treatments, however, symptoms such as headaches, hot flushes, difficulty sleeping and hair loss are some of the most common.

Each of the items in the Live Better With Essential Bundle is specially chosen to help soothe some of these side effects, to help you or your loved one feel a bit more comfortable.

Our Live Better With Essential Bundle in Detail:

iBeani: It can be hard to get comfortable when you’re holding a tablet or book. Using the ultra-light iBeani support can help you do this, positioning your device at an angle that’s comfortable for you and taking the strain off your neck, back and wrists. Handmade in Britain using high quality, stylish fabric - the iBeani suits every home.

Gel Eye Mask: Some cancer treatments like radiotherapy can cause headaches, eye strain and hot flushes. The Gel Eye Mask helps to sooth these common side effects of radiotherapy treated skin, perfect for use just after a treatment or on a particularly stressful day. Cooling gel within the eye mask helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes, keep skin feeling refreshed and helping to soothe tension in the head and face. The mask can be used on its own or refrigerated for an extra cooling boost. Easily adjustable with a velcro strap, it can be fitted and altered to the exact size needed.

Soothing Blend Rollerball: Managing a long-term health condition can be a rollercoaster of stress and worry. If you’re struggling to keep calm, focused and mindful, a quick roll of the Soothing Blend Rollerball could be the trigger you need to gather your thoughts and gain some calm. Blends of natural essential oils designed to relax, soothe, or aid mindfulness and focus are mixed together in a handy rollerball. Simply roll a small amount onto your temples, wrists, collarbone or other pressure points, and let the soothing blend of essential oils transport you to your peaceful, focused place - even if it’s just for five minutes.

* Tablet and phone not included. 

Gel Eye Mask:

The Gel Eye Mask has an adjustable velcro strap so that it fits any size head. If you like, you can refrigerate the mask for an extra cooling boost. Place the mask over eyes to relieve headaches, ease tension and reduce puffiness.

Soothing Blend Rollerball:

Simply roll onto temples, wrists, the collarbone or other pressure points around the body when you’re at home relaxing, or on the go.

Soothing Blend Rollerball

Ricinus communis seed oil
Olea europaea fruit oil
Mentha piperita oil
Rosmarinus officinalis leaf oil
Lavandula angustifolia flower oil

Is the Live Better With Essential Bundle a good gift for cancer patients?

Yes, the Live Better With Essential Bundle contains products that have been recommended by cancer patients, carers and healthcare professionals to help manage common side effects of cancer treatments. These include headaches, eye strain, hot flushes, anxiety and difficulty sleeping.

What type of side effects or symptoms does the Live Better With Essential Bundle cater for?

The Live Better With Essential Bundle caters for various different but common side effects that can be experienced during cancer treatments. It also contains products to help you calm your mind and relax during or after treatment.

  • Headaches
  • Eye strain
  • Hot flushes
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty sleeping


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