Easy Grip Mug & Lid

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Key Features

  • Large, ergonomic handle to make it easy to grip
  • Slow heat transmission makes it safer to hold hot drinks
  • Comes with a lid to prevent spillage

If you or the person you’re caring for struggles to lift and drink from regular cups as a result of living with cancer, an easy hold mug may be more useful. Made of durable plastic, which is both microwave and dishwasher safe, the cup is just the right size to hold a portion of fluid without it becoming too heavy to lift.

The material retains the heat for longer, so ideal if you or the person you’re caring for takes their time when eating or drinking. Plus, the heat doesn’t spread easily through the cup, so it’s safer to hold if there’s hot liquid in it.

The cup also comes with a lid with a hole to sip through it to prevent spillage.

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