Drain Dollies Post-Mastectomy Surgical Drain Bags

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Drain Dollies are a simple solution for keeping your drains in place so that they don't pull or tangle. Designed by founder Charlotte after her own double mastectomy, these custom-made adjustable bags provide a safe and discreet place for your drains, and come in a range of beautiful patterns. 

Key Features:

  • Get out and about after mastectomy - Drain Dollies look just like tote bags (really pretty ones!), so you can carry your drains discreetly in public without feeling embarrassed.
  • Stay comfortable and heal safely - each bag keeps your drains secure and prevents tubes from pulling and snagging.
  • Find your perfect size - the adjustable strap means you can hold the drains at the most comfortable height for you.

If you're having breast cancer surgery, you may be sent home from the hospital with one or more drains to collect lymph fluid. Having an armful of tangled tubes can be pretty uncomfortable, and worrying about snagging them, showering with them and wearing them out and about can make it hard to feel like you're getting back to normal after surgery.

Drain Dollies fit comfortably over your shoulder for the drain to sit in without needing to lift your arms or struggle. Each bag has an adjustable strap to hold your drains at a comfortable height, and you can fit more than one drain in each bag if you need to.

The team at Drain Dollies also include is a fluid balance chart with every purchase, to help you monitor your drainage effectively and report back to your medical team at your next appointment.

These thoughtfully designed post-surgical aids help the wearer look good and feel confident during recovery after surgery by providing a simple and discreet solution to getting around with drains.

  • Approx 25cm x 25cm / Strap Length: 90cm
  • Weight: 0.05kg
  • This bag has an adjustable strap!

Lovely and comfortable, perfect size.

After a mastectomy I was searching for a gift, and came across Drain Dollies bought two, the response I've got is amazing, she text me immediately and said she's so grateful and since her surgery she is using them all the time. 

Makes moving about much easier freeing your arm. 

The drain dolly was fantastic. It kept my hands free to do other things. 

Wow! What a great idea. The strap means you have your hands free and you don't have to worry about not being able to reach your drains if you need to go somewhere. The bag means the drains are so easily accessible. Of all the things I bought, this was the most useful. 

Brilliant idea that allowed my elderly mother to manage the drains, and they looked pretty. 

So good to be able to get around and go out once discharged from hospital despite still having large drain bottles. Helped keep my sanity. Really really useful whilst in hospital with 4 big drain bottles - helped me keep my drains from snagging on the bed and enabled me to use the shower and toilet without help - brilliant product. 

Keeps your hands free looks lovely & had a dark one in case of accidents & can be washed. Looks better than the pillow case they gave me the first time around. 

I bought these for my auntie for her PBM this week. I had a mastectomy 5 weeks ago and I wish I knew about these then. They would have freed up my hands to be able to do my physiotherapy and hidden the drains whilst looking trendy!

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