Dr Laura Berman Dilator Set

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Key Features

  • Vibrating dilator set designed to ease vaginal discomfort and combat the sticking of the vaginal walls after cancer treatment
  • 4 interlocking sizes: from 8.5cm x 2cm up to 16cm x 3.8 cm for dilation at your own pace
  • Vibration function and optional silicon sleeve for increased comfort

Some radiation therapy can create scar tissue inside the vagina, causing it to shorten and narrow, and in some cases the vaginal walls can stick together as a result. The regular use of a dilator (at least 3 days a week is recommended) after your last treatment can reduce the effects of these symptoms by gently stretching the walls of the vagina, keeping them apart and gradually increasing capacity. This can in turn reduce discomfort during penetration or pelvic examinations.

Dr. Laura Berman has decades of clinical experience and through her regular television appearances and best-selling books she has become widely regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on sexual health. She has partnered with CalExotics to create this product designed by women for women to help with vaginal tightness. There is a range of interlocking dilator sizes, simple to affix to the handle, to ensure penetration is never painful even with initial use of the product. The optional vibrational function can be used to relax the pelvic muscles and encourage blood flow to the region which can promote healthy and supple tissue.

It is recommended that this product is used in conjunction with a high quality lubricant.

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