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Radiotherapy and surgery around the mouth can both result in limited mouth opening. Open Wide Mouth Rest is a disposable mouth rest, which is durable, easy to use, and effective at maintaining oral access (for example for teeth cleaning). The Open Wide Mouth Rest is made from a special, high-density foam that is nearly impossible to bite through. The foam has a rigid wooden core for stability and strength, but still feels gentle in the patient's mouth. The wedge-shaped head accommodates a wide range of patients.


How can the Open Wide Mouth Rest for Limited Mouth Opening improve mouth hygiene?

Daily mouth care, including brushing teeth, can be difficult for some people. Radiotherapy can lead to sore skin around the mouth, and weak muscles and advanced cancer can lead to fragility and exhaustion. It can be difficult therefore to simply keep your mouth open to brush your teeth. Poor oral care can lead to smelly breath, dry skin, and dry mouth. All of which can be uncomfortable and distressing for patients and caregivers. The Open Wide Mouth Rest allows the mouth to rest open so oral hygiene can be attended to more easily. 

Who can benefit from the Open Wide Mouth Rest for Limited Mouth Opening?

Patients undergoing radiotherapy to the mouth area due to head and neck cancers, or lung cancer, can sometimes experience weakening of the muscles of the mouth. It can be very difficult to keep their mouths open for extended periods of time, such as the time needed to maintain adequate mouth care like brushing.

Mouth care is very important during all stages of life, but particularly important for people undergoing palliative care. Advanced cancer can leave people feeling quite frail. It can be difficult to conjure the energy to open their mouths and brush their teeth. Lips and mouth can become very dry; much to the discomfort of the patient and their loved ones. It can also be difficult to provide best mouth care with limited space if the person is unable to keep their mouth open. The Open Wide Mouth Rest for Limited Mouth Opening can greatly improve comfort for those undergoing palliative care as it can rapidly improve mouth care and hygiene.

Primary caregivers can also benefit from the mouth rest, as it makes brushing teeth easier. 

Simply put the tapered end of the mouth rest between your teeth, on one side of your mouth.

Allow your jaw to relax and bite onto the block.

Only insert to a level that is comfortable. 

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