Congratulations On Your Last Round Of Chemo Card

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The Congratulations On Your Last Round Of Chemo card is a lovely, empathetic way to reach out to a friend or family member who is living with cancer.

  • Card is blank on the inside so you can craft a personal message
  • Original, hand-made design
  • Perfect alongside a gift, or on its own

After going through cancer treatment and chemotherapy in 2011, designer Beth Hutchins realised that it was "difficult to find greeting cards that are appropriate for cancer or a serious illness."

To help, Beth started producing cards with encouraging messages for cancer patients. It can be hard to know what to write to someone who has cancer, but with Beth's cards, you'll be well set-up to convey a meaningful, supportive message.

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How to celebrate last cancer treatment

Finishing radiotherapy or chemotherapy can bring immense relief for some people, but for others, it can be an anxious time waiting for results. Undergoing cancer treatment can be long and enduring and acknowledging that what the person has been through can be very encouraging and reassuring. Sending a card congratulating them on their last round of chemo, with perhaps the invitation to get a coffee (or something stronger) once they are feeling better is a simple and genuine gesture that can go a long way.

Ways you can celebrate your last round of chemo:

  • Choose what you want to watch on TV - you have full control!
  • Having your favourite meal cooked for you
  • Being taken to your favourite restaurant
  • Opening up a special bottle of alcohol (if your doctor allows you to drink)
  • Taking a gentle holiday
  • Throw a party if you feel up to it

What to say to someone who has just finished chemo:

"Congratulations on finishing your last round of chemo" is a good place to start. Finishing treatment can elicit a wide range of emotions, and some not necessarily positive. It can be very overwhelming finishing chemo, and in addition, it can take a period of time to fully recuperate. Some people find that they never completely get back to how they felt prior to treatment. Therefore when congratulating someone who has finished chemo, do not be surprised or drawn back if it is met with coldness or aloofness.

Finishing chemo, for some, does not indicate the end of treatment or their cancer diagnosis. Acknowledging how well they have done, and how tough treatment has been can be reassuring and instil confidence in people who may be feeling low. Taking some time out to listen to how the person is feeling after treatment can provide valid cues and ideas on how they may be feeling and whether they are in the mood to celebrate.

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