Comfizz Thong

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These ladies’ thong style briefs are stylish, practical and comfortable. They flatten the stomach and are very helpful for anyone living with a stoma by offering gentle, all round support for ostomy bags or any stoma appliance.

Key Features:

  • Creates a smooth body shape.
  • Reduces bloated ostomy bags through gentle compression.
  • Soft, breathable fabric to keep skin cool, dry and comfortable.

Living with a stoma can be a challenging journey, and it is common to feel self-conscious as you adjust. Products like the Comfizz Thong offer practical support whilst also reducing the appearance of your ostomy bag, so that you can feel confident and comfortable when wearing your stoma appliance out and about.

The Comfizz thong covers your stoma and gently compresses it, aiding the release of gases and making the bag less outwardly visible. It also improves the bag’s adherence to the skin by subtly supporting its weight. This compression can also reduce the ‘dragging’ sensation sometimes experienced by individuals living with a stoma.

This piece is virtually seamless and contains no labels, so it won’t irritate sensitive skin. The soft, breathable material will keep you feeling fresh for longer and has a good level of stretch to support your stoma appliance without restricting its capacity or function.

  • Available is sizes S to XXXL
  • Polyamide 88% Lycra 12%
  • Machine wash only


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