Chemo Beanies Ruffles Hat (3)

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These Chemo Beanies feature a beautiful ruffled texture that really adds shape and volume to your head.

Available in classic colours and flattering patterns, these easy-to-wear headscarves don't need to be styled - just slip them on and you'll be looking gorgeous all day long.


  • Ruffled Chemo Beanies design adds beautiful texture and shape
  • A stretchy, ruched design that fits snugly and comfortably to your head
  • Easy to slip on and off without needing to tie or rearrange all day

Chemo Beanies was founded by two sisters who both went through breast cancer. After struggling to find headwear that felt right for them, they created the unique easy-to-wear ruched design that sets Chemo Beanies apart from the rest.

After seeing great reactions from other cancer patients, the creators of Chemo Beanies decided to make it their mission to help other women going through chemo hair loss to find a solution that helps them feel beautiful during treatment.

Now women across America are rocking their Chemo Beanies during treatment and sharing their confidence with the world - and the Chemo Beanies founders couldn’t be happier!






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