Carun Active Hemp Body Oil 100ml

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Carun Hemp Body Oil is perfect to massage into sore, stiff muscles. This organic, moisturising body oil will help to relax and ease sore and stiff muscles and joints whilst helping to improve skin firmness and suppleness.

Key benefits:

  • Contains no allergens and is therefore recommended to those who cannot use other traditional body oils
  • Soothes tired muscles and joints
  • Enriched with olive and jojoba oil, they contain tocopherols which help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Carun Hemp Body Oil can also be used as an intensive hair treatment. Simply add a few drops while you shampoo.

Olea Europea Oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Plant Active Hemp Extract, Jojoba Oil, Lavander Oil, Lemon Oil, Mint Oil

Apply to clean dry skin. Alternatively, a few drops can be placed in the bath or added to your shampoo for a nourishing treatment. 

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