Carell Bed Bath Wipes (8 Wipes)

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When bed bound or with limited mobility, taking baths or showers can be difficult. Bath in Bed Wipes are an easy way to wash without the need for rinsing. These wipes help to cleanse the skin, remove harmful bacteria, control odour, stimulate tissue and promote relaxation.

The wipes are suitable for both the face and body and can be used cold or warmed for extra comfort. They are unscented and gentle on the skin.

Key benefits

  • No need for water
  • Antibacterial
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Minimise risk of infection

Great for days when you can't face the effort required to shower or when you don't have time. Wipes are large, so can do whole body with one. 

I can clean myself without having to go back to bed and I smell clean and feel fresh. 

These wipes are so soft and do exactly as they say! Was very impressed. 

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