BAP Scar Care Silicone Gel 20g

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BAP Scar Care Silicone Gel is a quick-drying, non-greasy, medical grade silicone therapy gel that helps skin to heal quicker, smoother, and with less discomfort. Ideal for healing surgery scars and areas affected by radiation treatments.

  • Helps to fade, smoothe and thin even hypertrophic (raised) scars
  • Reduces discomfort from itching during the healing process
  • Increases softness and flexibility of the skin
  • Invisible matte finish - ideal for wearing underneath makeup or cosmetics

BAP Scar Care uses silicone treatment to make even hypertrophic (raised) or keloid scars flatter, smoother and thinner.

Increasing the skin's flexibility and suppleness helps to reduce tightness and discomfort caused by scar tissue, and also results in a visible reduction of the scar, even in cases of thickened scar tissue having formed thickened or raised areas on the skin.

BAP Scar Care Silicone Gel is also enriched with Vitamin E, known for its skin-nourishing, non-irritant properties.

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