Bamboo Wig Liner

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Live Better With Bamboo Wig Liner

Made from super-soft, natural fabric, our bamboo wig liners are the perfect alternative to the itchy scalp and overheating that you might experience when wearing wigs.

  • Delicate, super-soft layer to help protect your scalp from the itchiness of wigs
  • Super soft material - non-irritating for sensitive scalp following chemo or radiation therapy
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking - keeps your scalp cool and dry even in warmer weather
  • Antibacterial and anti-fungal - natural properties in bamboo mean the skin is less prone to infection
  • Made from 95% bamboo and 5% lycra for a soft, secure and comfortable fit

Just because you're going through hair loss, doesn't mean you've lost your personality - so we've created our own exclusive range of gorgeous, practical chemo headwear to help you feel confident and comfortable during and after treatment. 

With naturally antibacterial properties and an incredibly soft texture, bamboo is our top recommended fabric for sensitive skin and scalp.  

Why we recommend bamboo hats

Bamboo is one of our favourite products here at Live Better With. You just can't beat bamboo material when you're going through cancer treatment - we think it's a bit of a miracle material.

  • Bamboo fabric helps with temperature control - the breathable material keeps your head cool in hot weather, but insulates you when you need a little extra warmth.
  • Bamboo hats are moisture-wicking, like some fitness clothing - they draw moisture away from your scalp, keeping your skin fresh and dry for longer.
  • Bamboo fibres are naturally anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, so your bamboo headwear stays fresher for longer, and your scalp is less prone to infection.
  • Perhaps most importantly, we recommend bamboo hats because they're incredibly soft to the touch. If your scalp is sensitive and you're going through hair loss after chemo, radiation or surgery, you deserve a little extra luxury.

Why do wigs get itchy?

The skin on the scalp can be a bit more sensitive than other parts of the body because it has had hair there to protect it. 

Irritation and itchiness is caused if your scalp is sensitive to the fabric or glue used in the wig. Scalps naturally sweat too, so itchiness can occur if there is a buildup of sweat underneath the wig. 

How does the Bamboo Wig Liner reduce itchiness?

The Bamboo Wig Liner decreases itchiness by providing a layer between your scalp the and wig. As the Bamboo Wig Liner has antibacterial properties it won’t irritate your scalp, being absorbent it also takes any sweat away which can also be a cause of itchiness.

What wig liners for cancer patients are best?

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy to the head can leave your skin feeling sensitive. Excess sweat caused by wigs can lead to irritation and itchiness, which can be further exacerbated by sensitive scalps. 

Wig liners made from synthetic materials are not very breathable, which can lead to more sweating and overheating. And cotton, although breathable, is not very absorbent, so will cause the scalp to itch when the sweat dries. 

Wig liners made out of Bamboo fabric are soft, so will not initially irritate the scalp, have antibacterial properties, so will reduce any itchiness caused by bacteria, and are very absorbent so will wick excess sweat away before it causes a problem. 

Do I need to wear a bamboo wig liner?

Not necessarily. Some people tolerate wigs without liners, especially if they are only wearing them for a period of time every now and again. However if you are planning on wearing your wig for longer periods (over two hours), and regularly, then it is a good idea to wear your wig with a bamboo wig liner.  This will ensure that bacterial does not build up in your wig, which can cause itchiness and irritation. 

Very soft fabric. Rounded shape hugs head well. Very comfortable, i forgot i was wearing it! Less stitching than other similar products.

The product although being cheap and cheerful was exactly as specified and just what I needed.

Just the job for what was needed.

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