Bamboo Cutlery 41 Piece Set

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After cancer treatment, some people find that they consistently taste metal and that this feeling can be worsened by using metal cutlery. Bamboo cutlery is a non-irritating alternative. 

Whether you experience metallic taste or "chalky" taste after cancer treatment, metal cutlery can make the sensations stronger and less pleasant. Bamboo cutlery won't irritate your taste buds, and will help you to enjoy food more easily. 

  • Does not enhance or cause metallic taste as conventional cutlery might 
  • Gentle in the mouth; easy to wash 
  • Includes 10 knives, 10 forks, 10 spoons, 10 teaspoons, and 1 box with divider

Made from renewable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly bamboo.

This really helped with the taste and I will keep them after treatment. Great quality! 

Using wooden cutlery helped reduce the metallic taste I got from normal cutlery.

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